Ultimate Ascent 2013

This year we made it to Finals at the San Diego Regional which was super cool. We didn't win but it was a great year for us. This is a video that keeps the entire field in perspective. For this Qualification our team was on the blue alliance and starts out farthest from the camera

Our Plan

The robot for this year was meant to do the one thing that this competition focused on, launch frisbees. Our autonomous launched two frisbees during autonomous then got more frisbees at the other side of the field during autonomous.

We did one thing and we did it somewhat well. Another benefit was that we chose to do something that didn't conflict with many other robots thus we consistently scored points through the Qualifications which allowed us to be picked up by another high-scoring Alliance.

Frisbee Launcher

Our robot could throw two frisbees during autonomous and then collect up to three frisbees to launch during teleop.

Our Shortcomings

Even though we did one thing well, we only did it somewhat well and when it came down to the finals we ended up with just less points than the other team.

The Game

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