FIRST Power Up Penalties

Violation Penalty Rule
Dangerous Robot disablement/disqualification S01
Drive team enters field before green LED strings lit warning/yellow/red S02
Stepping/jumping over guardrail warning/yellow/red S03
Human on field during match yellow/red S04
Robot off the field during a match disablement S05
Drive team body part in RETURN/PORTAL/EXCHANGE foul S06
Uncivil behavior yellow/red C02
Asking another team to throw a match yellow/red/disqualification C03
Agreeing to throw a match yellow/red/disqualification C04
Competing with multiple robots warning/escalation C05
No-show to match red card/disqualification C06
Force opponent to commit rule violation foul/tech foul/yellow card C07
Sending more than one team member to address Referee shunning of non-compliant members C08
Plugging into another team’s station delay of match/disablement C09
Off-hours fabrication or: fabrication outside of your own pit, another pit (w/permission), or in designated machine shop warning warning/escalation C10
Invalid Robot setup on field delay/disablement G01
Delay of match disablement/yellow card G02
Invalid team position delay G03
Drive team touching Power Cubes prior to match start delay G04
Overextended robot foul/red card G05
Robot detaches or leaves parts on field red card G06
Violation of bumper rules foul/disablement G07
Powered removal of robot after match yellow card G08
Invalid Power Cube launch tech foul/yellow card/red card G09
Destruction or inhibition of another Robot foul+yellow card/red card G10
Damaging contact with another robot foul+yellow card G11
Collusion to shut down game play yellow card for alliance G12
Contact with fallen opponent robot before 10 seconds foul/yellow card G13
Pinning past 5-count foul for every 5 seconds/red card G14
Camping in Exchange Zone more than 5 seconds foul/yellow card G15
Contact with opponent in opponent's Null Territory tech foul G16
Climbing on another Robot before Endgame tech foul G17
Contact with Opponent in their Platform Zone during Endgame contacted opponent and those it supports considered to have climbed G18
Invalid Robot field element interaction foul/yellow card/disablement G19
Using Power Cube to ease or amplify challenge associated w/ Field elements (except placing on Plate) tech foul/yellow card/red card G20
Ejecting Power Cube from field foul/yellow card/red card G21
Control of more than 1 Power Cube foul/yellow card/red card G22
Removal of Cubes from opponent Power Cube Zone foul G23
Removal of Power Cube from Plate foul G24
Moving Plate directly with Robot foul/tech foul/yellow card/red card G25
Team Member in front of line during Auto foul A01
Interacting with Robot or Operator Console during Auto foul/yellow card A02
Connecting wearable control device during Auto foul A03
Robot crosses into Opponent side of Field during Auto foul/tech foul/yellow card/red card A04
Drive team contacts Power Cube during Auto foul A05
Robot operation by anyone other than Drivers and/or Human Players disablement H01
Use of electronic devices with remote communications capabilities by Drive Team yellow card H02
Interfering with automated scoring hardware red card H03
Player other drive team at Alliance Station/Portal delay H04
Drive Team member not wearing button delay H05
Contact of anything outside zone human player started in during match foul/red card H06
Use of invalid equipment by Drive team during Match delay/yellow card H07
Coaching by Technicians during Match yellow card H08
Modification of Power Cube by Team red card H09
Sitting or standing on Power Cube red card H10
Coach touches Power Cube during match tech foul H11
Coach touches Vault tech foul H12
Invalid injection or ejection of Power Cube by Team foul/red card H13
Removing a Power Cube from Vault foul H14
Powered movement of Robot during Arcade measurement period yellow card T02
Pit Crew members in Alliance Station or Portal during Match delay T10

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