Aerial Assist 2014

This is our highest scoring game with this robot. We ended up losing but you can see that our robot wasn't on screen too often, so it wasn't our fault we lost.

Our Plan

This year was a rather simple year that relied on cooperation between alliance members to score an increasing amount of points when the robot finally scores. Our robot focused on scoring in the low goal a rather common design.

Even though our robot had a common design and was frankly not great at scoring we had a somewhat big frame that could be used to block other robots.

Our team placed in the lower half of teams that year which was the start of our gradual decline.

Our Shortcomings

There are several videos from our matches on the Blue Alliance website:

From these it seems that our team could have benefited from more drive training or coordination in the Drive Team. A lot of the time our robot didn't avoid other robots and chose to ram into other robots leaving us vulnerable to a penalty.

The Game

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