Team Handbook


The job of this handbook is to explain to you member, team lead even mentor how our team works and how to run our team. These are guidelines created from the team members from past years.

Requirements to join (During Preseason)

The Preseason is a time to learn as much you can without the stress of the competition deadline. The new members can be given attention without fear of falling behind on deadlines, thus this should be the only time the team accepts new members.

Students on the team should have the following:

  1. A willingness to work hard
  2. A want to learn more
  3. To be 13 years of age or older
  4. Has to pass the Safety Test

Requirements to join (During Season)

During this time the members should learn on the go and should come as much as they can. People who try to join during this time shouldn't be given special attention, because the likelihood of them staying and using the knowledge they get is minuscule.

Students on the team should have the following:

  1. A willingness to work hard
  2. A want to learn more
  3. To be 13 years of age or older
  4. Has to pass Safety Test
  5. Have an attendance rate of 50% or above during preseason
  6. Exhibited willingness to put time to Robotics outside of Meetings
  7. Plans to be available during the season

How to run a Team Meeting

At meetings your start time can differ but make sure people know when to show up before the day of the meeting.

When you start have a team update that follows this order:

  1. See if anybody has an announcement i.e. A t-shirt order or a important meeting date
  2. See if there is any new rules that FRC has made a ruling on
  3. Check if specifically Team leads need to announce anything

When you split up have each team lead have a little update with their team so everybody knows what they are doing. People who come late can be notified of what they can do but the more time you spend catching them up the less time you are doing something productive.

The meeting should continue to flow with the teams asking for help when they need but otherwise working independently.

At the end of the meeting have another team update that should follow accordingly:

  1. See what each team has done for this meeting
  2. Make sure each team says 1 bad thing that happened today

Responsibilities of Members

A team member is meant to be present physically and mentally at every meeting. But we understand that people cannot always come to a meeting. Refer to attendance policy for attendance requirements.

  1. Attendance - Less than 25% unexcused or 50% excused absences
  2. Consistency - Should be on the same team for the majority of season
  3. Learning - Should be willing to learn outside of meetings
  4. Behavior - Should behave in a way that is not violent, menacing or causes any other member of robotics to feel uncomfortable

Responsibilities of Teams

Communications: Works with people outside the team and creates our brand

  1. Fund raise money for the team
  2. Web Development
  3. Blog Makers
  4. Order T-shirts
  5. Organize with parents to get lunches on full day meetings and other Field Elements
  6. Build Chassis
  7. Fabricate Attachments to Robot

Logistics: Works with any budgeting or planning the team needs to make

  1. Create the budget
  2. Organize details with travel

Electrical and Software: Deal with the electrical components of the robot

  1. Place and fix electrical components
  2. Run simulations
  3. Bring Chips
  4. Create autonomous
  5. Create code for the robot to be used during teleop

Responsibilities of a Team Lead

The team leads facilitate the jobs of the teams so that they can finish their jobs before the deadline.

  1. Present the problems the team needs to fix every day
  2. Make sure each person in your team has a job
  3. Be the final say when there is no mentor available

Requirements to be a Team Lead

A possible Team Lead should have the following qualities:

  1. Attendance -Above 80% attendance rate
  2. Experience - At least 1 year of experience with the team
  3. Legacy - Previous Team Lead believes the person to be an acceptable replacement
  4. Reliability - Has completed important tasks before to the best of their ability

Attendance Policy

If a person does not notify a team lead before the day of absence they are considered as an unexcused absence, if they do notify a team lead they can be marked as an excused absence. If they are at the meeting but do not sign the sign-in sheet they are considered as an unexcused absence. A person who has more than 25% of the total meeting days marked as an unexcused absence is not considered part of the team. They can have as many excused absences but cannot hold any important responsibilities if they drop below 80% attendance rate.

PDA and Relationships

For the sake of the team all relationships are to be kept at the door. Beef between students doesn't need to happen in a room that's smaller than most of the bathrooms in our school. There shouldn't be any kissing at Robotics, nobody wants to see that, other forms of PDA should not interfere with robotics work.