Safety Guidelines

Note to Team

At no point should someone feel unsafe or in danger of being in bodily harm. If someone were to feel this way they should immediately tell a mentor or a team lead so they can stop the problem from escalating.

DO NOT UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCE walk behind a wall after being injured, without telling anyone. Also don't run cold water through a deep wound.


At all points when a member is inside the Robotics Room they must be wearing safety glasses regardless of what is going inside the room.

A person should have no loose clothing, untied long hair, or non-closed toed shoes. A person violating these rules is NOT allowed into the room until they fix their attire.

This should be common sense but a naked person is also not allowed.

Machinery Etiquette

Machines should only be on during use and be immediately turned off when not in use. Always use oil as to not strain the machine.

When someone is operating a machine it is best to avoid moving them or making loud noises to distract them instead wait until they are done or if the issue is urgent a tap to the shoulder should be enough.

Member Etiquette

Mentors and team leads should naturally be responsible and uphold the culture of safety. Remember you are the people who make sure kids don't stab each other or themselves, that's an important job!

Members should always be nice to each other and never engage in 1 on 1 combat unless flails are incorporated*.

  • Even if flails are incorporated nobody is allowed to fight in or near the Robotics room


The Do Nots:

  • Do not point knives, drills or other dangerous items at people
  • Do not point knives, drills or other dangerous items at yourself
  • Do not make improvised hand saws
  • Do not operate machinery if you do not know what to do
  • Do not store items if you do not know where they go
  • Do not disobey a mentor in terms of safety

The Dos:

  • Do be nice
  • Do be humble
  • Do listen to Mentors and Team leads
  • Do be on time
  • Do think outside the box but without the knife pointed at people