How to order Shirts

Ordering the shirts will require time and effort. The people who start this process should be the same people who end this process.

  1. Create design
  2. Announce that there will be shirts (At a Meeting and through Email)
  3. Estimate how much each shirt will cost. Ask people at a Saturday meeting if they will buy a shirt. Estimate a price using
  4. Announce the estimated shirt price
  5. Ask everyone the following. What Type: Hoodie/Shirt. What Size: S/M/L/XL. to give you the money in cash
  6. Record who gave you the money (Print out the sheet with all the info of who bought a shirt)
  7. Give Dana Irwin the money. Order the shirts with Dana Irwin
  8. Bring the box of shirts to Robotics and distribute the shirts


  • Mentors get free shirts
  • Order them at least 2 weeks before Season so you can have them on Kickoff
  • Make the announced price a little higher than the quote because people will change their mind
  • The money gathering will take a while make it easy
  • Make sure somebody can keep the box at their house/office for a few days