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Our team has hundreds of volunteer hours logged with local elementary schools such as Bird Rock and La Jolla Elementary. We help elementary school teams participate in the FIRST Lego League. We also participate in outreach with Muirlands Middle School. We strive with our local community to promote participation in robotics and inspire the next generation of Scientists and Engineers.


As a team we try to do more than just build robots. One of the other things we do is spread awareness of our club to younger students. In the past we have gone to Muirlands middle school as well as Torrey Pines and La Jolla elementary school.

Robotics at the Elementary School

When we went to Muirlands we were trying to get graduating 8th graders a chance to see something they can participate in when they go to high school. In the elementary schools we focused on spreading awareness of our robotics club so students can start getting excited at a young age. During our trips to a school we show off the robot we created, as well as pictures of machines.

These trips are an attempt to keep young minds interested in robotics or get possible robotics members the extra push they might need to see how fun and great robotics is. However no matter which school we go to, our main goal remains clear to create enthusiasm for learning how to build a robot as well as the technology field.

On Campus

Our club fills an important role on campus. In addition to courses that are offered during the school day we are able to provide an environment in which learning is made fun and everything is hands on. Every student that is in our club wants to learn, whether it is about mechanical engineering or about running a club. The skills that they learn are going to be applicable through their lives.

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